Anthony HaroMr. Anthony "Tony" Haro is a Family Law Paralegal at Boyd Law. Mr. Haro brings his valuable experience to our clients with matters spanning from dissolution of marriage, domestic partnerships, paternity actions, child custody and visitation, and support issues.

Mr. Haro has worked for several prominent family law firms in San Diego. Prior to joining Boyd Law, Mr. Haro was employed as the senior paralegal for Brave, Weber & Mack where he focused primarily on family law. Mr. Haro has assisted in a large number of complex and high-asset family law trials, many of which having intricate issues dealing with businesses, multi-asset community estates, high conflict and contested custody matters, and support cases. Mr. Haro recently received his Master of Arts degree from the University of Southern California (USC) and he has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Biola University in Political Science.